Halloween Hijinx
October 29th, 2008

Halloween Hijinx

Happy Halloween kids .. !!!


  1. Kevin

    Hey AA,
    I love the comics. I hope they make you rich…
    I really love comics like yours.

    Kevin the magic wand turner.

  2. AA

    Hey THANKS! :)

    Rich would be nice, but I’m just hoping to complete this little foray into a year of comics :) The wand is awesome!!! It’s going to be hard to give away :}

    PS – Sorry for the minor edit on your comment, I’m trying to keep my full name out of this for now ;)

  3. evren

    It was good seeing you at SPX (Norbert, and Roberto also). Pretty cool setup for a semi daily comic feed…

    You should dress as your alien character for Halloween….?


  4. AA

    It was good to see you too! I hope to see you again before another full year is up.

    Good idea on the costume – perhaps with some papier-mâché and a little more time it’ll work out for next year!

    And, your site is beautiful! :)

  5. danny zabbal

    Bizarre and wonderful AA, really amazing! I can’t want to see more.

  6. AA

    Wow! Thank you! :)

    Anyone who doesn’t already read “Journey in the 6th Dimension” really needs to head over to: http://www.dannyzabbal.com/ and start! nyah!

  7. macaroniaddict

    Kara is so cute in her costume!

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