October 8th, 2008


This is my favourite so far (there are a few more in hiding ;) It’s been too long since I’ve been ice skating!


  1. Helen Harvey

    Very cute AA, the kids are here with me looking at your alien, he’s adorable! What is Nocturna? hbh

  2. AA

    Thanks! Nocturna was coffee shop where I first started drawing the alien and various other creatures :)

  3. macaroniaddict

    I haven’t been ice skating for years- I love it, but my dad doesn’t and my sister doesn’t either. I think the tree there is really key to this comic, giving us a sort of sense of Konowe’s size.

  4. AA

    @mac: let me know if you want to go ice skating sometime .. :)

    and, yeah, the tree is there for perspective, but really, he changes size just b/c he can .. hee!

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