January 28th, 2009


Dreams dream dreams.


  1. Robert

    Wonderful…Just like its creator.

  2. AA

    Disappearing apostrophes! :)

  3. macaroniaddict

    I really like that there aren’t any flames in the comments… besides my avatar :)

  4. AA

    @mack: you shine so bright! like a star in the night! you’re not just a *somethingthatrhymeswithinferno* .. you’re a flaming inferno … !!! (can you tell I miss writing bad poetry? ;)

  5. Mrs Koch

    One of the Kochs – the latest Mrs. Colleen Koch. Known as DK’s Beloved Mrs. Wobbles.

    Enjoyed reading your web page.
    Are you gonna reflect Honolulu? Alien in Honolulu dress!

  6. AA

    @Mrs Koch: Absolutely! I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the site! I bet there’s a good story behind that nickname :)

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