April 29th, 2009


I saw this on Bunny and decided after attending CREATE South 2009 (which was fabulous) that I was too lazy to create a full comic tonight. Special thanks to everyone who came to my ComicPress session (Julie, Patrick, Robert, and those whose names I don’t know – leave me a comment and I’ll add you in ;) as well as those who gave me encouragement when pre-talk jitters attacked with a vengeance (Andre, Dave, Heather, Nakia). And, hi to Steve, Rene, Tiffany Trent and Darryl just because.

Eventually, there will be a CREATE South wrap up post on aavrooman.


  1. Robert

    Not what I was expecting…and I love it.

  2. hiwesunshine

    Where do the antennae go???

  3. AA

    @hiwesunshine: alien secret ;)

  4. Heather

    I like it. Oh how I wish I could draw. I also wish I had been able to see your presentation.

  5. AA

    @heather: everyone can draw .. it’s all about practice (hey – the xkcd guy draws stick figures! :)

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