Northern Geeks (or … How many times can I type Northern Geeks in four short paragraphs?)

A while back I started to highlight some of my favourite web comics. Today, I am continuing with Northern Geeks. I found this site after clicking on a Project Wonderful ad off another web comic site. Just goes to show that occasionally, those advertisements really do link to something wonderful; and, for we web comic publishers, that paying for ads works!

It looks like Northern Geeks was started back in 2008 and has been going strong ever since. I am thoroughly impressed by the consistency of this comic since it updates every single day. (As has been recently evidenced, just updating weekly can be an issue for some people *cough cough*) Not only is there a consistent comic, the Northern Geeks site includes a blog, reviews of games, and a podcast. If you’re looking to waste some work hours, this site will get you through a week at least.

Even better, Northern Geeks hails from Canada .. !! Hence the Northern in Northern Geeks I suppose. (Yes, we get jokes .. sometimes.)

Anyway, these little blurbs aren’t really meant to be reviews, but simply a way to share my favourite comics with you. So, check out Northern Geeks from the beginning and let me know what you think!

Oh, and the answer is six! :)


  1. geekbot

    Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it! ^____^

  2. Len-Vesper

    I’m happy to see Northern Geeks is getting out and seen. The author and creator of the comic is a close and personal friend of mine, and I know he puts a ton of effort into it.

    It’s good to see others enjoy the comic as much as I do. :3

  3. AA

    You’re welcome! I really do love the strip. It’s consistently hilarious, the writing is smart and the art is great .. a triple threat!

    And, Len-Vesper, I’m not surprised in the least to learn that others love NG too ;)

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