DM of the Rings

OK, let me say that I am WAY late to the party on DM of the Rings by Shamus Young, but it really doesn’t matter because this comic can be re-read over and over. It has had me bent over in laughter too many times to count. I’ve only been lucky enough to actually *play* D&D once (Thank you Delaware crew!) but have long been friends with people who play on a regular basis. DM of the Rings basically takes every comment and complaint I’ve heard throughout the years, tosses them in a blender and purees. Which leads me to believe there is indeed a wit check involved, but what do I know, I don’t play. :}

Anyway, Twenty Sided uses image stills from the Lord of the Rings movies and places the characters into their own personal h*ll of a D&D game. Whether you play D&D or not, it is a hilarious interpretation of the story and a great way to have hours of your day disappear.

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