Martin: Angry Owl

Hooray! a new comic to love! I actually found Martin: Angry Owl via twitter of all things. You think it doesn’t work? Well, how’s this .. someone followed me (and it didn’t look like one of those naughty chicks) so I looked at their twitter profile to see who they were. They had a URL listed; I checked out their comic. In their ‘following’ list was a cute little avatar so I clicked on it, then clicked on that person’s web site and Voila! Martin: Angry Owl.

The creator behind Martin is Amy Crosthwaite; at least that’s the name behind the little copyright © on the latest comic. My favourite so far is Spiders! and I’m joining the chorus of commenters asking for prints or t-shirts or something! Martin is updated twice a week and features (you guessed it!) an angry owl named Martin. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as I do. So, go! Go now and enjoy the anger!

Note for those who know me all too well: The fact that the owl’s name is Martin has nothing to do with my liking this comic. Well, almost nothing. ;)

And, finally, for Kristina: Herzilchen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Ich liebe dich! :)

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