Comic Browsing (femtiotva)
February 3rd, 2010

Comic Browsing (femtiotva)

Recognize any of the comic characters featured in today’s strip? (Answers Below)

There are quite a few web comics that I absolutely love, many of which inspire my to keep working on a2alien for fun (since it certainly isn’t for profit! ;) Happily, I contacted a few of my favourites and they agreed to let me represent their characters in an a2alien comic.

It was quite a challenge to recreate others’ characters without simply copying them. I found it very difficult to represent characters that are drawn with a clean line. It felt like I was copying more than recreating in my own style. I learned that I need to expand my sketching in order to further develop my own style, which is something I would never have realized was such a weakness before attempting this strip. So, now I have a goal for 2010!

Did you figure out the comics yet? Yes? You have such good taste. No? Well, then you’ve got to check out:

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