SPX 2010 :: comics love, part one

SPXSPX 2010 was so much fun! It was absolutely worth being completely exhausted for the two weeks beforehand. (Seriously, no matter how hard I try, my best ideas happen a week before the show and then it is a mad dash to get them implemented.) One of the many things I love about SPX is reconnecting with friends who I usually only see at SPX.

Lucky for me, Robert lent me his iPhone so I could take photos of some of the many people I met (or met again :). I’ll never get a single full post completed, so this is part one of ? about SPX and some of the fantastic artists who were there. There are always a few comics I can’t resist picking up…

Jumbly JunkeryJumbly Junkery by L. Nichols
I met L. Nichols at the 2008 SPX and she couldn’t have been nicer. That year I picker up Jumbly Junkery #5 and this year she was kind enough to trade with me for Jumbly Junkery #6. Page one hooked me with The Box Cat (awwwwwwww cute) but the real stories are beyond that. The Observation Quantum is my favourite and quite inspiring really. There are so many artists I know (of varying sorts) who are exceptionally intelligent and choose to create either instead of or in addition to solving the world’s problems.

Shorthand 2 by Yates
Twenty-three pages of 3 panel comics for cheaps! These are silly and fun and the line art is the kind of aesthetic I really love. He also creates beautiful puzzles and playground ghosts. If you’ve been to my house, you may have seen a pair of ghosties on my mantle. Years later I still love them. I’m very sad I missed seeing the Dragonship puzzle. Tell me it isn’t a work of art; I dare you!

Brood by Bill Roundy
Anyone who knows anything about my love of comics knows I’m completely obsessed with Bill Roundy. Not in a crazy stalker sneaking into pubs I hear he frequents in the hope of getting a glass he once used sort of way, but in a this guy is THAT hilarious way. Brood is about a vampire who is “a monster. outcast. alone.” Don’t think you’re getting glitter and emo fanboys though. Granted, if you’re a True Blood fan there is a bit of risque to keep your interest. I also picked up the A-Z monstrous manual which is a re-imagining of various D&D monsters. *raour! araugh!*

Tales from the Frathouse (One Year in Indiana) by Kurt Dinse
Robert and I met Kurt at last year’s SPX. We loved him so much we became complete table stalkers and asked to be somewhere near him this year. I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s stippling drawing style. It’s got a dirty feel that really enhances the stories he tells. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but will tell you that the final panel on page three makes me laugh every time I glance at it. And, references to D&D are always a good sign, at least in this case.

inkdick #7 by Pranas t. Naujokaitis
The week before SPX I found several new comics and added them to my RSS reader; inkdick was one of those. I didn’t even realise Pranas was going to be at SPX, but I’m so glad he was! This mini journal comic was really interesting and had quite a few relatable moments in it. I’m looking forward to reading the new comics as they show up.

That’s all for now. There is more to come… much more… but not too much! (:


  1. BradyDale

    Did you go to sPX2011? I should have checked in with you before going, but I went. Totally.

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