The a²alien is rather simple really. The best way to explain is a little Q&A.

Why a²? Where did the name come from?
*phew* a snowball first question! DB, my physics teacher, dubbed me a² in high school. When trying to put a title to the comic, I had a difficult time naming the alien (and have been thoroughly harassed about it since – I’m looking at YOU *cough* *hallandrobertoandbillandnorb* *cough*). The a² moniker just seemed right.

Where did the idea for the alien come from?
Back in college, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Nocturna, the best coffee shop on the Grand Strand. Unfortunately, it is now defunct; however, in its heyday, Nocturna was the best place to be for doodling, drinking, and dancing. OK, not dancing, but the alliteration was good there for a bit. I ended up with several sketchbooks filled with various drawings and the alien was one of the most recurring characters.

Why are there no words?
The vignettes are really not that complex. I decided I wanted to push myself in the upcoming year to see how far I can take the comic without using words. Also, witty dialogue is not my forte.

Why does the alien change sizes? shapes? colours?
That isn’t the only difference between aliens and humans!

What’s with the eyebrows, or are they antennae?
The antennae (yes, they were originally conceived as antennae) act as eyebrows, antennae, or limbs depending on what the alien needs to do.

When did you decide to do this?
I’ve been playing around with comics ever since Ms. Hartsell started replying to the doodles in my science notes. The real push came when Norb asked about sharing a table at SPX. It’s been on my list of things to do for quite a while and there’s no time like the present! Presents are always good, don’t you think?