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SPX 2009 :: day one

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

antennae modelling

Antennae modeling .. and check out her great taste in comics (Owly!)

Day one of SPX has come and gone. If you haven’t been already, it’s not too late! Today is the final day though .. so hurry up!

I’ve had a great time at SPX so far. Sharing a booth with Robert has been great and we’re happily near lots of people we met last year, including Bamn, Mal Jones, and Curls Studio! And, we’ve seen many friends–Roberto, Holly, Dan, Ulysses, Cal, Scott, and other comic fans who may prefer to remain nameless ;) and, AND met Hel, who looked familiar, perhaps from the MD Renn Fest (Can’t believe I missed Pirate Weekend!) Tomorrow, I’ll have to write about all the new people we’ve met. Please stop by and say hello. We’re near the first entrance on the left, booth E-14.

rakish antennae

Rakish antennae .. worn at a jaunty angle! And, check out the awesome hat!

The antennae have gone over well .. just look at these photos! (Note: the googly-eyed hat is from My Monster Hat [edit: link unavailable as of July 2010], based out of my fav town in MA!)

More photos and updates tomorrow. Sleep is calling me and I can hear the alien snoring already.