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SPX Day Two: the lOOt edition (mini-comics)

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Day two of SPX was quite a blast. I finally got to wander around a bit and met some wonderful artists. One of the things I really love most about going to cons is meeting other artists and discovering their work. Robert and I were lucky enough to be neighbors with Kurt (One Year in Indiana) and across the way from our neighbors last year (Bamn). The people around us were fabulous and I meet another local artist (Chris Malone) as well as artists from NYC and MA who I’m hoping to see at King Con Brooklyn and perhaps the New England Webcomics Weekend (still upset I missed that last year and hoping there is a reprisal, but I digress).

So,  what came out of meeting so many great people? I obtained quite a few mini-comics. Details below (in no particular order) …

Minicomics and a few extras from SPX 2009.

Minicomics and a few extras from SPX 2009.

Blue and Blonde. I stopped y Chris Malone’s table on day two and we ended up trading comics. He’s got over 500 comics on his web site–woah, I can’t imagine finally creating that many! His mini-comics are great. I’m pretty impressed with the simple, yet detailed style ofhis characters and I really enjoy the jokes; they remind me of my days at the beach and my surfer dude friends. Stay Casual Barlowe.

One Year in Indiana. Kurt was our awesome neighbor and this comic kicks ace. It is the story of the “worlds smartest death metal vocalist and his adventures in the Hoosier state.” His art style is very different from what I’m normally attracted to, but it really compliments and fills out his stories. The stippling for shading looks great and gives the art a gritty look that is consistent with the story. The facial expressions are priceless. I loooooooove the mouth of horrors storyline.

Spinks! is an adorable little monster with tiny eyes and a big mouth. It’s a picture comic and I’ve very impressed with the cute little stories that are told without words. The spinks crew had knitted spinks characters for sale and they were adorable!

Fashion Parade and Surprised Monsters. These mini-comics by Anne are pictorial and don’t have stories to them, but are still quite amusing. The art is very fun; my favourite is the “death of higher education” costume in Fashion Parade. Brilliant! Who says robes are good for nothing but graduations? And, the scared octopus-like monster is fabulous.

Hey Pais. I love kitties and Hey Pais is a journal comic by Paisley the cat. I ended up with “The Best Thing in the World.” This mini-comic pits various things from Paisley’s life such as ice cream vs. soft treats. It’s a bracketed series and the winner is… ok, I won’t spoil it, but there is a complete bracket in the comic as well as one you can play yourself. How neat!! Since Paisley was unavailable at SPX, The Girl was kind enough to sign the comic for me and even drew antennae on Paisley.

Sam Koi. Oh happy day! Mal Jones dropped by and traded comics with me too. I love love love Sam Koi, as anyone whose been reading the blog already knows. Even happier for me, I was chatting to a really nice young woman who turned out to be Rhiannon Thumma who writes the stories for the Sam Koi comic. Issue Two is a printed edition of the Sam Koi comics “The Chase” and “Pals”, which are sad but sweet tales told by beautiful illustrations. I could stare at the blue of the cover for hours it is so relaxing.

My Boyfriend is a Space Robot. This mini-comic by Abby Denson is a short story about a girl with muscular dystrophy who meets a robot. It’s a color comic with a limited palette, but the colors really work for this story. It is a short but sweet tale of a girl who meets a robot and what happens next.

Erik Siand. Robert and I talked to Erik for a while about his artwork and  how he got into doing SPX.  I ended up with one of his prints which I like to think of as a British Police woman. It’s blue stippling on an orange background. Generally, I can’t stand orange, but this just works so well; it really is quite beautiful.

That’s all for the mini-comics .. more on the books another day!