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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

SPX has been over for a week and I’m still recovering. What a great show! The week leading up to the show was stressful, but I now have a list of things to prepare ahead of time. The show itself had ups (meeting some great artists!) and downs (being stuck in a corner where few chose to tread). Overall, it was very inspiring.

I want to publicly thank Norb and Robert, with whom I shared a table. The pressure of knowing they were counting on me smished this comic into existence.  Also, hi to Hall, Bill, and Patrick who showed up and gave their support. I need to thank Roberto and Ulysses too and hope that one of them looks at this site so they can send me their URL! :)

Everyone else should go check out:

There were oodles of great comics at SPX (see the full list). I’m looking forward to next year and hoping to have more time to wander around. I did manage to speak with two gentlemen from Sverige, one of whom completed a comic called, Simons 120 Dagar (Simon’s 120 days). After a little google searching I found a snippet on youTube about his trip. Unfortunately, he only had a single copy of the comic and it wasn’t for sale. Luckily, a fellow Svenska Skolan student has agreed to try and find it for me. Anyone out there with access to Swedish comics, please let me know! :)

a²alien at SPX in September

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

The a²alien will appear at SPX 2009! This year’s SPX is being held on Saturday, September 26 from 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, Sunday September 27 from 12PM-6PM at The North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Not only will there be three new comics for sale, but also antennae and alien figurines. I’m happy to be sharing a table with Robert Harvey again this year. He’ll have diary comics detailing his time in Australia as well as some new material. (He’s playing that close to the chest so I can’t spill the beans. ;) I’m also told we’ll be close to Curls Studio so make sure to check them out! And last but not least, I hear the Bamn folks will be debuting Crystal Clear and that Sam Koi creator Mal Jones will be back this year.

Hope to see you there! :)

:: additional events ::
This is your early warning; the a²alien will be in Myrtle Beach October 2, 3, & 4 for Xcon [warning: site has sound]!

SPX 2009 :: day one

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

antennae modelling

Antennae modeling .. and check out her great taste in comics (Owly!)

Day one of SPX has come and gone. If you haven’t been already, it’s not too late! Today is the final day though .. so hurry up!

I’ve had a great time at SPX so far. Sharing a booth with Robert has been great and we’re happily near lots of people we met last year, including Bamn, Mal Jones, and Curls Studio! And, we’ve seen many friends–Roberto, Holly, Dan, Ulysses, Cal, Scott, and other comic fans who may prefer to remain nameless ;) and, AND met Hel, who looked familiar, perhaps from the MD Renn Fest (Can’t believe I missed Pirate Weekend!) Tomorrow, I’ll have to write about all the new people we’ve met. Please stop by and say hello. We’re near the first entrance on the left, booth E-14.

rakish antennae

Rakish antennae .. worn at a jaunty angle! And, check out the awesome hat!

The antennae have gone over well .. just look at these photos! (Note: the googly-eyed hat is from My Monster Hat [edit: link unavailable as of July 2010], based out of my fav town in MA!)

More photos and updates tomorrow. Sleep is calling me and I can hear the alien snoring already.

a2alien at X Con World October 2-4

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The a2alien will be at X Con World in Myrtle Beach, SC October 2-4, 2009. If you missed us at SPX in Maryland, come see us at the beach! In addition to having comics and antennae, the a2alien will be participating in a panel discussion about comics.  Between this and CREATE South I’m getting plenty of public speaking practice. It would be great to see some friendly faces in the audience, so please come out and support this up and coming con!

More information about X Con can be found on the X Con web site. Also, from the X Con World press release:

X Con World is a convention on the beach, featuring local and national talent, businesses, artists, and entertainment. October 2nd – 4th Springmaid Beach Resort will be hosting this years’ event, which is located at 3200 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Rooms are available at the location, call the resort to inquire  – (843) 315-7100 or visit their website at  –

Featured at this years event – Nationally renowned talent such as Jonathan Hickman, Bob Camp, Tim Seeley, Joe Staton, Paty Cockrum, Rick Ketcham, Vinnie Tartamella, as well as local artists including Matt “Six” Bahr, Kaneesha Bryant, Jeff Bracey, and many more.

X Con World boasts a massively multiplayer console gaming tournament, panels, contests, and demonstrations throughout the weekend, as well as viewing rooms showing movies and anime, a vendor hall, and an after dark zombie walk on the beach! There is so much to do at X Con World, come enjoy your weekend with some of the industry’s best up-and-coming names as well as veteran talent as they hang out in Myrtle Beach.

Corsair Comics in downtown Myrtle Beach and Apocalypse Comics in Longs has paired to bring this annual convention to the Grand Strand and X Con World has recently partnered with Zombie Con, held in Greensboro, NC.

You don’t want to miss this and future events!

For more information or tickets, please call Corsair Comics at (843) 839 – 4820, or visit our website at [Ed. Note: site has sound]

SPX Day Two: the lOOt edition (mini-comics)

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Day two of SPX was quite a blast. I finally got to wander around a bit and met some wonderful artists. One of the things I really love most about going to cons is meeting other artists and discovering their work. Robert and I were lucky enough to be neighbors with Kurt (One Year in Indiana) and across the way from our neighbors last year (Bamn). The people around us were fabulous and I meet another local artist (Chris Malone) as well as artists from NYC and MA who I’m hoping to see at King Con Brooklyn and perhaps the New England Webcomics Weekend (still upset I missed that last year and hoping there is a reprisal, but I digress).

So,  what came out of meeting so many great people? I obtained quite a few mini-comics. Details below (in no particular order) …

Minicomics and a few extras from SPX 2009.

Minicomics and a few extras from SPX 2009.

Blue and Blonde. I stopped y Chris Malone’s table on day two and we ended up trading comics. He’s got over 500 comics on his web site–woah, I can’t imagine finally creating that many! His mini-comics are great. I’m pretty impressed with the simple, yet detailed style ofhis characters and I really enjoy the jokes; they remind me of my days at the beach and my surfer dude friends. Stay Casual Barlowe.

One Year in Indiana. Kurt was our awesome neighbor and this comic kicks ace. It is the story of the “worlds smartest death metal vocalist and his adventures in the Hoosier state.” His art style is very different from what I’m normally attracted to, but it really compliments and fills out his stories. The stippling for shading looks great and gives the art a gritty look that is consistent with the story. The facial expressions are priceless. I loooooooove the mouth of horrors storyline.

Spinks! is an adorable little monster with tiny eyes and a big mouth. It’s a picture comic and I’ve very impressed with the cute little stories that are told without words. The spinks crew had knitted spinks characters for sale and they were adorable!

Fashion Parade and Surprised Monsters. These mini-comics by Anne are pictorial and don’t have stories to them, but are still quite amusing. The art is very fun; my favourite is the “death of higher education” costume in Fashion Parade. Brilliant! Who says robes are good for nothing but graduations? And, the scared octopus-like monster is fabulous.

Hey Pais. I love kitties and Hey Pais is a journal comic by Paisley the cat. I ended up with “The Best Thing in the World.” This mini-comic pits various things from Paisley’s life such as ice cream vs. soft treats. It’s a bracketed series and the winner is… ok, I won’t spoil it, but there is a complete bracket in the comic as well as one you can play yourself. How neat!! Since Paisley was unavailable at SPX, The Girl was kind enough to sign the comic for me and even drew antennae on Paisley.

Sam Koi. Oh happy day! Mal Jones dropped by and traded comics with me too. I love love love Sam Koi, as anyone whose been reading the blog already knows. Even happier for me, I was chatting to a really nice young woman who turned out to be Rhiannon Thumma who writes the stories for the Sam Koi comic. Issue Two is a printed edition of the Sam Koi comics “The Chase” and “Pals”, which are sad but sweet tales told by beautiful illustrations. I could stare at the blue of the cover for hours it is so relaxing.

My Boyfriend is a Space Robot. This mini-comic by Abby Denson is a short story about a girl with muscular dystrophy who meets a robot. It’s a color comic with a limited palette, but the colors really work for this story. It is a short but sweet tale of a girl who meets a robot and what happens next.

Erik Siand. Robert and I talked to Erik for a while about his artwork and  how he got into doing SPX.  I ended up with one of his prints which I like to think of as a British Police woman. It’s blue stippling on an orange background. Generally, I can’t stand orange, but this just works so well; it really is quite beautiful.

That’s all for the mini-comics .. more on the books another day!

SPX2010 Preparations

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Make your last minute plans now! SPX 2010 is this coming weekend, September 11th and 12th. I’ll be there with RS Harvey and we’re bringing robots and aliens. Luckily, they get along fairly well. There will be new comics, screenprints and alien mini-paintings!

mini-paintings of the a2alien

If that’s not enough to tempt you, then come out for Kurt Dinse (One Year in Indiana), Bill Roundy (The Amazing Adventures of Bill Roundy), Carolyn and Joe (Curls Studio), the Interrobang Studios crew and of course the awesome stylings of Anne Thalheimer (My Monster Hat). You won’t regret it!

SPX 2010 :: comics love, part one

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

SPXSPX 2010 was so much fun! It was absolutely worth being completely exhausted for the two weeks beforehand. (Seriously, no matter how hard I try, my best ideas happen a week before the show and then it is a mad dash to get them implemented.) One of the many things I love about SPX is reconnecting with friends who I usually only see at SPX.

Lucky for me, Robert lent me his iPhone so I could take photos of some of the many people I met (or met again :). I’ll never get a single full post completed, so this is part one of ? about SPX and some of the fantastic artists who were there. There are always a few comics I can’t resist picking up…

Jumbly JunkeryJumbly Junkery by L. Nichols
I met L. Nichols at the 2008 SPX and she couldn’t have been nicer. That year I picker up Jumbly Junkery #5 and this year she was kind enough to trade with me for Jumbly Junkery #6. Page one hooked me with The Box Cat (awwwwwwww cute) but the real stories are beyond that. The Observation Quantum is my favourite and quite inspiring really. There are so many artists I know (of varying sorts) who are exceptionally intelligent and choose to create either instead of or in addition to solving the world’s problems.

Shorthand 2 by Yates
Twenty-three pages of 3 panel comics for cheaps! These are silly and fun and the line art is the kind of aesthetic I really love. He also creates beautiful puzzles and playground ghosts. If you’ve been to my house, you may have seen a pair of ghosties on my mantle. Years later I still love them. I’m very sad I missed seeing the Dragonship puzzle. Tell me it isn’t a work of art; I dare you!

Brood by Bill Roundy
Anyone who knows anything about my love of comics knows I’m completely obsessed with Bill Roundy. Not in a crazy stalker sneaking into pubs I hear he frequents in the hope of getting a glass he once used sort of way, but in a this guy is THAT hilarious way. Brood is about a vampire who is “a monster. outcast. alone.” Don’t think you’re getting glitter and emo fanboys though. Granted, if you’re a True Blood fan there is a bit of risque to keep your interest. I also picked up the A-Z monstrous manual which is a re-imagining of various D&D monsters. *raour! araugh!*

Tales from the Frathouse (One Year in Indiana) by Kurt Dinse
Robert and I met Kurt at last year’s SPX. We loved him so much we became complete table stalkers and asked to be somewhere near him this year. I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s stippling drawing style. It’s got a dirty feel that really enhances the stories he tells. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but will tell you that the final panel on page three makes me laugh every time I glance at it. And, references to D&D are always a good sign, at least in this case.

inkdick #7 by Pranas t. Naujokaitis
The week before SPX I found several new comics and added them to my RSS reader; inkdick was one of those. I didn’t even realise Pranas was going to be at SPX, but I’m so glad he was! This mini journal comic was really interesting and had quite a few relatable moments in it. I’m looking forward to reading the new comics as they show up.

That’s all for now. There is more to come… much more… but not too much! (: